Invisible Me - Tzipi Caton

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A powerful and compelling novel by the author of the bestselling Miracle Ride

Dini Braverman doesn't speak.
Not because she doesn't know how, not because she doesn't want to. Because she can't.

Dini is a selective mute.

Faced with teachers who don't know what to make of her and siblings who call her "socially suicidal," Dini is armed with only a pad of paper and a pile of pens to communicate with the people in her life. She must navigate her way through a new school, a rocky relationship with her mother, and classmates who act as if she doesn't exist.

Things go downhill fast. Dini is unjustly accused of a prank she didn't perform, suspended from a school she just entered, and misunderstood by those who love her most.

Can Dini reach past her silence to connect with the people in her life?

Tzipi Caton, the talented writer who became a worldwide sensation with her bestselling Miracle Ride, has now entered the realm of fiction with this powerful story. Extraordinarily engaging and compelling, Invisible Me is about pain and healing, and one girl's struggle to find her place in a confusing world.

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