It All Begins at Home

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Great Stories about Good Middos

Meet Yael who loves secrets-hearing them and telling them. Will she be able to keep her friend's biggest secret?

Meet Yehuda who has a hard time taking responsibility, until one day he has to face the consequences.

Meet Baruch who is constantly complaining.Will he ever be happy with what he has?

And then there's Ari who likes to tease others, but doesn't exactly like being teased himself.

This book is about good middos. Or, more specifically, about how to overcome bad middos. Young readers will relate to the characters as they see them handling the same kinds of situations they themselves face each day. Parents will appreciate the subtle, gentle messages threaded through the stories, and savor the notes that provide extra tools for helping their children overcome bad habits.

With charming, true-to-life illustrations, quotes from the Torah and Chazal, and practical guidelines drawn from the Rishonim and mussar greats, Tirtsa Peleg has produced this innovative creation, a wonderful and engaging encounter between paintbrush and pen. The stories in this book are about everyday life. Here, children and parents will find new paths for navigating the journey of life, together.

Tirtsa Peleg, a gifted writer, translator, and illustrator, has been illustrating for children for almost forty years. She has published over 250 popular books on a wide range of topics.

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