It's A Kids World After All # 3 - Don Melech

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"It's a Kids' World, After All", the series that has touched the hearts and souls of kids around the world! Brand new stories! Dangerous exposure, lifesaver, and more! Amazing stories straight from the heart and world of children.
It's a Kids' World, After All, a fascinating collection of short stories heavily sprinkled with deep educational messages and beautifully woven into tales that touch the heart and soul. This wonderful series exposes young minds to authentic personal dramas, captivating tales, surprising characters, creative activities, and heart-stopping excitement, comedy, and tragedy. Well wriiten, enlightening, chock full with Jewish values and ideals.
It's a Kids' World, After All, written from the perspectives of kids throughout the world, this outstanding series presents clear portraits of the child's world. Replete with rich heartwarming content.
Once again, enchanting author Don Melech presents an assortment of fun, fascinating, and fantastical characters, settings, and situations that allow the reader to absorb Jewish educational values and proper behaviors while delving into the wonderful world of fiction!
The popular series It's a Kids' World, After All, which contains numerous volumes and has been translated into foreign languages, is read and loved by Jewish kids everywhere!

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