Its All for the Good?

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A Simple Yet Deep Approach to Gaining Clarity on Your Life's Purpose

It's All for the GOOD!

You've been hearing this sentence your whole life. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually believe it?

Here's a 10-step Jewish approach for finding good in this world.

This book presents you with 10 axiomatic principles. Axioms are those most fundamental principles that you never talk about. They are the accepted 'givens' that people assume from the start; their truth becomes more and more evident as you continue to live with them. 

What you will gain from reading this book are 10 axioms drawn from the traditional Jewish sources which are unanimously-accepted. These 10 axioms describe the purpose of everything that's going on in this world. The more you continue to live with them, the more their truth becomes evident to you throughout your life. By understanding these axioms you will gain real clarity on life's purpose. By internalizing these ideas you will begin to sense the logic behind everything that's going on. By applying these principles in a practical way to your life, your life will change.

By: Rav Nachum Chaimowitz

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