Jbrush Paint By Number - R' Ahron Leib Steinman

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Paint this beautiful Paint By Number picture of R' Ahron Leib Steinman zt"l


  • 16" x 20" canvas outlined and numbered (actual size 39.5x49.75cm)
  • 3 Paintbrushes
  • 24 Paints
  • Hooks for hanging

Skill Level: Intermediate

No painting experience necessary

Ages 12+

Photo Credit: AE Gedolim Photos

Actual picture may differ slightly from design shown here. We cannot guarantee final outcome.

Tips And Instructions

  • It is recommended to cover the side edges with painter's tape so the paint will not go out of the lines. (Preferably not a strong tape that will ruin the canvas when removing).
  • Use the color paint with a matching number for each area. It is easier to start with the larger areas first. It is best to save the face (if applicable) for last.
  • The wide brush is for the large areas and the thinner brushes are for the smaller areas.
  • Paint with even strokes and in one direction. You might need to apply a few layers in order to cover the outline.
  • Wash brush with water between colors.
  • Paints may stain. Always cover all areas and wear protective clothing.
  • To hang, use the screws (included) to attach hooks to the canvas.
  • Please remember that every detail makes a difference and the painting might not look good until it's completely finished.
  • Choking Hazard Keep Out Of Reach Of Small Children

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