Jeweled Sword Volume #1

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A sword studded with precious gems is hidden deep underground, beneath a tree in the forest. When the tree is burned to the ground in a lighting storm, no one knows exactly where the sword is buried. Meanwhile, the Germans uncover information about the jeweled sword, and they will do anything to get their hands on the treasure. Now its a battle of wits between the three Margalios brothers and a cruel and determined Nazi Officer. Who will be the first to get the jeweled sword? A trained gorilla named Gorgor, a tough partisan commander, a hapless German soldier, and a host of other colorful characters are all involved in the breathtaking race... to its surprising end. Suspense, drama, humor, and a large dose of genuine Torah hashkafah all combine in the best comic book you've ever read, written by Noach Rubin and illustrated by Avraham Zemora. Published in 2015

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