Judaism Q&A - R' Avigdor Miller

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Judaism Q&ASimple answers to basic questions
about G-d, the Torah and Judaism

  • What does it mean to "believe" in G-d?
  • How can you see G-d in the world around you?
  • Where do other religions go wrong?
  • What's wrong about evolution?
  • What are the "Written" and "Oral" Torahs?
  • How do we know the Torah hasn't changed?
  • What is the World to Come?
  • Why is the Sabbath important?
  • Does G-d need our prayers?
  • And much more…

A concise, easy-reading overview of Jewish thought, as taught by one of our generation's most influential Torah sages. Perfect for outreach, the classroom, or Shabbas table discussions

Adapted from Rabbi Avigdor Miller's classic texts, Rejoice, O YouthSing You Righteous, and Awake, My Glory by Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Schultz.

Softcover, 162 pages

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