Just Imagine! The Purim Story Today

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An original, fascinating rendition of the miracles of Megillas Esther

Dear Children,

You all know the story of Megillas Esther. You've surely heard it many times. But have you ever thought of how it looked, and how it felt?

Can you close your eyes and imagine the reaction of the Jews when they were invited to King Achashveirosh's party? Their response when Haman ben Hamdasah suddenly rose to power?

Can you imagine how Esther HaMalkah felt when one fine day she was taken from the home of her pious uncle, Mordechai HaYehudi, to the palace of the evil Achashveirosh?

Can you imagine the shock the Jews experienced when they were suddenly told of the terrible decree?

Have you ever thought about the big miracles that happened in Megillas Esther, behind the scenes, without anyone noticing? About the sudden turnabout that came in such a surprising and unbelievable way?
I want to invite you on a fascinating journey. During this journey you will be able to close your eyes and feel, for a little while, like you are right there, in Shushan, in the days of Mordechai and Esther.

I am sure that you will enjoy this trip. True there will be a few sad moments but many more funny and entertaining ones. Most importantly, this story will remind you to thank Hashem for the great miracles He does for us, His beloved children, throughout all the generations until today!

By: M. Safra

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