Naftali Kempeh - Ke'malach - כמלאך

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About two years after the release of his second album “Ana Eilech“, Naftali Kempeh released his third and intriguing album “Ke’malach”.

In recent years, Kempeh has won a place of honor in the chassidic/Jewish music world, with his albums bringing a fresh sound, and his performances
around the world have become a known uplifting experience, successfully combined with his manager, the producer Shalom Vagshal. Now, after much anticipation, it’s time for a new album.

The album includes 11 new songs composed by Naftali in his special style, in which he combines old and new, chasidish and yeshivish together. Among them is also the song “Chosheiv Al Yerushalayim“, which was released last week as a single with a special video clip, and has already been sung by many around the world.

The album is titled “Ke’malach” after the song “כמלאך לרגעים”, the words of the “Chazon Ish” describing in his pictorial way the spiritual peak to which every person can also reach in this world, be close to Hashem as malachim for a moments, and the special melody completes The desire to really achieve it.

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