Kivi & Tuki - The Video Volume 3 (DVD)

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You are about to enter a maximum enjoyment dimension of sight and sound.
With its gorgeous animation and colorful,
re-imagined, eye popping settings, the side-splitting adventures of Kivi &Tuki never looked so good!
And not only that...
The classic, hilarious songs and Tuki's meshuginah antics will have your kinderlach giggling and plotzing for more!
You've enjoyed them as a kid, so now let YOUR little ones join a whole new generation of children learning all about Waking up with Enthusiasm, Telling the Truth, Why Your Rebby is Your Friend,
Always Being Happy, Davening with Kavana, A beautiful Hamalach Hagoeil and Trusting in Hashem.
So bring your little ones the gift of laughter and song they'll treasure for a lifetime.
Your friend,

Format: DVD
Release date: 12/12/21

Kivi and Tuki Volume 3 Boker Tov Layla Tov DVD
Torah, Midos and Mitzvos thru Laughter and Song
By: Yossi Toiv and Heshy Walfish

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