Kligerovka - Illustrated Pirkei Avos - Comics

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Who is eyeing Getzel the Gvir's fat wallet? Why does everyone leave Paltiel the Peddler's store unhappy? Who ignited the fire in the village? What are Menashe the Mailman's new neighbors thinking?

Welcome to the village Kligerovka! A village you'll find only in stories. Join us on a tour through its alleyways.

Here you'll meet kind-hearted Tully the Tailor and Shmelke the Shoemaker, who guards his money more than he does himself; happy Yomtov the Pauper and Paltiel the Peddler, whom everyone fears.

Here Menashe the Mailman will smile at you and Berel the Ba'al Agalah will gladly take you to Chelm, the neighboring village.

Along with the villagers, you will laugh, enjoy, be inspired and learn some important lessons. Just as the people of Kligerovka love to quote from the Mishnah in Pirkei Avos: "Who is wise? He who learns from everyone!"

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