Laws of Challah and Hadlakas Neiros

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The Laws of Challah and Hadlakas Neiros [Hardcover]
Mandel Family Edition
By: HaRav Shraga Kallus
Editor: Rabbi Avraham Chaim Slansky

An easy-to-follow, comprehensive guide to the mitzvos: with basic rules, in-depth explanations, practical applications and directions for unusual situations.Includes extra tefillos and techinos.Sure to be a popular book! Makes a great Chanukah gift. Perfect for kallahs!

- Tefillos and techinos with an easy translation
- Full color two page spread berachos for candle-lighting and hafrashas challah
- Deluxe embossed cover - Includes color bookmark with handy hafrashas challah text - a sure addition to one’s recipe book/ or refrigerator

Number of pages: 133
Binding type Hard Cover

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