Legacy of Light

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Legacy of Light

Packed with growth-oriented messages that will deepen the reader’s appreciation of Torah, and drawing upon an impressive array of sources from the classic Torah commentaries to current-day masters of mussar and hashkafaLegacy of Light illuminates the Chumash in a way that will leave the reader feeling uplifted, more knowledgeable, and motivated to become greater.

“I learned much from reading this masterpiece… extremely inspiring and motivational.”
-Rabbi Zev Leff

“This work presents Torah ideas in an original way, and relates them to the practical world of our lives. The author is to be commended for his though-provoking and accessible style and his ability to show how every facet of Torah is relevant to every generation.

-Rabbi Akiva Tatz, M.D.

Rachmiel David Barocas

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