Lemons In the Fog

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Meir Rosen is a mature, responsible bachur who’s excited to be in a post-
high-school yeshivah in Eretz Yisrael—a year filled with Torah study, visits 
to the Kosel, and touring ancient sites. But periods of nervous high energy
leave Meir anxious and afraid; his bouts of sleepiness and haziness make it
hard to focus. After several months of uncertainty, Meir receives a shocking
diagnosis. Can he regain his mental health and stability, despite his family’s
fear and rejection?
Lemons in the Fog is an eye-opening novel about overcoming challenges and
building anew. This sensitively written account gives hope and support to anyone dealing with challenging ordeals - clearing the fog to a brighter future.

"Lemons in the Fog is a powerful portrayal of mental illness in the Jewish Orthodox community. It depicts how a nineteen-year-old yeshivah student learns to navigate his diagnosis, his relationships with his family, and the stigma he faces, while adjusting to living a full life with a mental disorder. An important, hopeful story that raises much-needed awareness."

-Miriam Ament, Founder and President, No Shame on U

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