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I want to have energy and I want to grow.

I really want to be healthy from head to toe."

Bestselling author, Bracha Goetz, helps children (and adults ) easily make healthy choices about eating less junk food, enjoying more exercise, sleep - and even good hygiene with this groundbreaking book! 

With this treasure in your home to read over and over again, children can now clearly and cheerfully understand how - and why - to enjoy healthier habits that strengthen our immune systems!

“May this wonderful book help many children to live healthier
lives and be m’kayim, ‘V’nishmartem me’od l’nafshoseichem’ (fulfill
the mitzvah, ‘Take very good care of your lives’)." -Rebbetzin Temi Kamenetsky

“Mrs. Goetz is an accomplished author. This book encourages
children to make good choices and to lead healthier lifestyles." – Dr. Reuven Shanik, pediatrician

Author: Bracha Goetz

Illustrator: Racheli David

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