Let's Use Them Right

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Social Skills for My Hands, Feet, and Mouth

Is your child using his hands to hit, pinch, or pull hair, or using his feet to kick and stomp? Is he using his mouth to scream and yell, instead of speaking properly? Many children simply don't have the instinctive knowledge of how to use their hands, feet, and mouth properly, and need to be taught these important social skills.

In Let's Use Them Right, your child will learn the appropriate ways in which to use their hands, feet, and mouth, as well as what they should not do with them, in a most enjoyable way. Written by an occupational therapist, this adorable, rhyming book is clear in the guidelines it sets forth, without being preachy to kids. Additionally, a page of helpful hints and tips is included for parents, with many ideas for how to provide proper and healthy stimulation for their child's hands, feet, and mouth.
"If your child has fidgety hands or feet; if your child could use some reminders about the correct way to speak; if your child would enjoy discovering how to use his limbs in the right way" then this book is for him!
By: Sara Leah Schwartz

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