Life Unwrapped

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True stories of struggle, triumph, - and discovery.

Her shidduch was progressing marvelously...until everything ground to a halt.

Their teenage son was stuck without a yeshivah, and they were left groping in the dark.

Their baby suddenly stopped thriving-and no one knew why.
No one has the perfect life; we all have our roadblocks. Yet if we view those challenges from a fresh perspective, we may just notice the glitter of wrapping paper...the sparkle of a bow...the shiny ribbons dancing in the air. Yes, life's struggles are gifts as well, gifts just waiting to be unwrapped.

Life Unwrapped contains over 40 true, stirring accounts of people just like me and you, who initially found themselves stymied by the curveballs they were thrown in life-but then rose to the occasion in incredibly heroic ways, thus discovering a gift of their own. Each beautifully written, personal account will leave you touched and uplifted-and yearning to uncover your gifts of greatness.
By: Rochel Braverma

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