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Chesed. It’s in your hands. (And in your smile. And mouth. And feet. And in countless other ways.) From the Talmud to the Rambam to the Chofetz Chaim – and many other Torah sources – we learn how to deal with even the most challenging and turbulent times: la’asok b’Torah v’chessed. To busy ourselves with Torah learning and performing acts of chessed, kindness, to others.

Of course, we all try to be “nice” to others, but to fill our days and nights with chessed? Many of us imagine that to be the task of the great men and women who head up the organizations, create the gemachs, raise the millions to feed and clothe the impoverished. But while that is certainly vital, Living Chessed shows us how we “ordinary” people can also be “gedolim in chessed”— just by grabbing the countless opportunities to help our fellow Jews.

In Living Chessed, Rabbi Avrohom Asher Makovsky shares with us many Torah sources that talk about chessed, inspirational insights and guidance and, above all, stories of how chessed – even something as small as a compliment, a smile, or a hug – can transform the lives of both the one giving and the one receiving the chessed. In brief, readable chapters, we will discover the best segulah of all – not hurting someone’s feelings. We will read about how the Tzemach Tzedek “opened” the gates of heaven – by racing home to help another Jew in business. How a man fulfilled his dream of having children, by opening a free-loan gemach. We will enjoy – and learn from! -- story after story of people who took the opportunity to help someone, often with something as simple as a hug, a compliment, or even just a smile.

Living Chessed will show us how we can, indeed, “live chessed” throughout our days, enriching the lives of others. And enriching our own lives as well.

By: Rabbi Avrohom Asher Makovsky

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