Living Emunah for Children Vol. 2 - R' David Ashear

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R' David AshearSKU: 210000009403   | ISBN: 9781422623152

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  • A rabbi meets a queen... and our children learn how much Hashem loves us!
  • A cup of spilled grape juice... shows our children the first step in emunah!
  • A waiter serves a family... and our youngsters discover the awesome power of tefillah!

Living Emunah for Children has delighted so many thousands of our children. And as they enjoy the fun stories and pictures, they gently learn lessons of emunah.With more than 150,000 copies in print, the Living Emunah series has changed - improved, transformed - the lives of countless people. Living Emunah for Children lets even the littlest Jews discover the incredible power of emunah.

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