Maharal on the Parsha

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The Maharal of Prague’s legendary sefarim have been prominently featured on Torah bookshelves for hundreds of years. They have been a major influence on the works of great Torah thinkers, whose subjects run the gamut from chassidus to mussar and everything in between.

In this groundbreaking sefer, the Maharal’s Torah thoughts from all of his sefarim are presented in the order of the parashas hashavuah.

Using the Maharal’s first sefer, Gur Aryeh, as a starting point, Maharal on the Parashah introduces the reader to the full range of the Maharal’s sefarim, including commentaries on Pirkei Avos and the Aggados of the Talmud, and many more.

Maharal on the Parashah brings the reader deep into the world of the Maharal’s Torah thoughts and provides a newfound appreciation for the Aggados of Chazal.

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