Meeting Elijah

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True Tales of Eliyahu Hanavi

A man in white... A stranger at the Kotel...
A mysterious doctor... A life-saving dream...

The 57 stories in this volume are all about modern-day encounters with Elijah the Prophet - Eliyahu Hanavi. In a moment of need, a stranger appears, offers help, and then disappears, sometimes as if by magic. The stories are all true, heard directly from the people involved or from a close friend or relative. They point to the living presence of Elijah among us, or to a "spark" of Elijah that moves in and through ordinary people, leading them to do great things. In all cases, they reveal the remarkable level of hashgachah pratis - Divine providence - that we can experience in our lives, at any moment.

The stories are surprising, inexplicable and inspiring. They remind us that the world is a mysterious place, and that G-d's deliverance can occur in the blink of an eye.

By: Eliezer Shore

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