More Alef Beis Adventures With Ziggawat

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Children’s favorite yellow friend, Ziggawat, is back with twelve more exciting stories which help teach the letters of the alef-beis, middos tovos, and much much more! Especially designed for multi-level ages, Alef Beis Adventures with Ziggawat is a book which will grow with your child.

For ages 3-4: Treat your child to a delightful journey through Ziggleland as your child experiences a sweet-tasting introduction to the alef-beis, with adorable animated letters, engaging illustrations, and great read-aloud stories about mitzvos and Yamim Tovim.

For ages 4-5: Each letter’s unique shape takes center stage in an exciting adventure highlighting its identifying feature, helping children master the letters while learning about middos and expanding their problem-solving skills.

For ages 6-7: Children will delight in the captivating plots, featuring everyday challenges and fun times, and will enrich their Hebrew vocabulary while they absorb the deeper, beautiful messages of the stories.

Each story takes just six minutes to read, with lessons for a lifetime! 

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