My Rebbe Rav Schwab

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Rav Shimon Schwab was a renowned Torah giant whose commitment and dedication to his community and students is unforgettable. His wealth of insights into Chumash and haftaros, mussar and minhagim, are clear, thought-provoking, and profound.
This comprehensive collection includes:
• Rav Schwab’s spiritually uplifting commentary on the weekly parashah.
• An inspiring “maaseh rav” section that details over fifty personal incidents
in which the Rav implemented basic hashkafic or halachic principles.
• Selected customs, laws, and prayers of the K’hal Adath Jeshurun congregation.
Written with wisdom and reverence, My Rebbe Rav Schwab will enrich your understanding of Chumash, hashkafah, and more. These classic teachings will provide you with an enduring legacy of timeless wisdom.

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