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After the hair-raising events experienced by Rav Shaked in Shanghai and its mysterious underground tunnels, he finds himself aboard an enormous freight ship sailing in the middle of the ocean

He rallies all of his strength to fortify himself with faith, while slowly discovering that things are more complicated than they seem...

Strange goings-on on deck and a secret meeting between bizarre characters who look like they come from a different planet point to an ambitious diving plan that's about to take place before his very eyes...

Meanwhile, worldwide attempts to locate Rav Shaked and trap him are underway. The 'Vulture' and his warriors hire the services of infamous pirates who strike terror in all those passing through the Strait of Malacca and plan to take over the ship...

The Russians activate their Intel net, and their agents kidnap Rav Shaked's children...

The various forces close in on the ship, with none of them aware of the existence of the other...

Who is the mysterious Japanese, and what is he scheming to remove from the sunk submarine?

What is the eccentric German scientist plotting from his distant, underground hiding place?

How are Rav Shaked's sons planning to resolve the predicament, for once and for all?

Read about all this and more in this fifth volume of Rav Shaked's adventures from master storyteller Tzvi Aryeh Adler, which combines first rate literature and valuable educational and Torah lessons!

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