Mystery At The Sea 2

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The events and adventures experienced by the Shaked family in the previous
five volumes are unparalleled. Rav Shaked and his sons, who boarded a
flight to Eretz Yisrael, found themselves embroiled in a complicated and
dangerous international espionage affair.The best minds and veteran spies try to solve the many question marks raised
throughout the story, and many characters join together to create a thrilling
tale the likes of which we have yet to see. Now Rav Shaked is on deck of
a huge Chinese trade ship sailing through Asian waters, while many entities
search for it and hatch many plots to catch it.Who is the mysterious Japanese man,
and what is the plan he concocted together
with the strange mercenaries that work for him?Will the "Vulture" and the bold pirates that he hired
succeed in taking over the Chinese trade ship?What is contained in the mysterious cylinder
transferred from the Russian airplane to the submarine?Into the hands of which group from
all those on the ship will Rav Shaked finally fall?As in the previous, bestselling volumes,
in this volume, too, our heroes experience
fierce adventures and the readers are exposed
to international plots, power struggles and even
surprising and unusual collaborations woven
by master storyteller Tzvi Aryeh Adler.This volume is the sixth in the series, and will be
read with bated breath like all the previous ones.

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