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The Navi Journey - Megillas Esther

BY: Rabbi Ilan Ginian

The world prepared for the decree that called for the end to Hashem’s holy nation.

It was a decree that was known in the heavens and the earth. The passing years in exile were counted, eagerly waiting to see if the Jewish nation would rise again and return to their land and rebuild the Beis Hamikdash. Those who hoped that the prophesy for their return to the holy land would be a lie now looked toward a new date, a date of annihilation. Haman rejoiced when his lottery for extinction fell out during a time of the year that their greatest leader was taken from them, the month of Adar, and it was also the month that even the Jewish people had suffered from the plague of darkness in Egypt. But in the end, it was the downfall for he and his people, and only light for the Jewish nation. It was a radiance that stemmed from a heartfelt teshuvah that even mirrored the devotion that was expressed by Har Sinai. Such a tremendous teshuvah was initiated, which brought on tremendous closeness between Hashem and Yisrael that caused the entire decree to be eradicated.

The heavenly influence that was procured during these days is showered down upon Yisrael every year during this time, as this closeness is awakened. The days of Purim are celebrated with simchah and tefillah, as the heartfelt tefillos are so powerful during this time that it can bring down the nation of Amalek and bring forth the coming of Mashiach immediately!

“Rabbi Ginian offers a compendium of commentaries written in a free-flowing style to make the words of the Navi come alive with breadth and depth.”

-Rabbi Zev Leff

“A tremendous yashar koach for the gevaldic seforim you produced. I have really enjoyed them and learned a lot from them.”

-Rabbi Daniel Estreicher

“On one hand, his blend of meforshim written as a running commentary of the pesukim reads like a story. Yet, on closer examination, we gain great insights into the events that occurred and what we as members of Klal Yisrael are to learn ‘l’doros,’ for generations to come.”

-Rabbi Paysach J. Krohn

“With your help, we will be able to better take advantage of the timeless messages of the Nevi’im.”

-Rabbi Mordechai Kornfeld

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