Ner Mitzvah 6 Hour Shabbos Candles, 60pk

SKU: 210000034545   | UPC: 706132260564



  • OVER-DIPPED FOR QUALITY: Our 100% paraffin wax candles are repeatedly dipped into wax, forming a thicker, multi-layered candle. Carefully controlled temperature and timing creates a smooth finish.
  • FLAMES NEVER FLICKER: The 100% cotton wicks create a seamless flame and close to dripless burn. When lit in a room without a breeze or draft, they will not leave a mess of wax on your candlesticks.
  • ENJOY CANDLELIT DINNER: Whether at home or a restaurant with a loved one, a meal by candle light is the perfect romantic touch. These 7 inch tall, 6 hour candles are the perfect height. Bon appetit!
  • UNIVERSAL CLASS: Our white candles with a tapered tip create a simple, classic look that fits into any decor. Wherever used, indoors or outdoors, they offer a soft, warm glow and pleasant ambience.
  • SHABBAT CANDLES: This case of Shabbos candles can be used for other religious & ceremonial uses, including church, synagogue, shul, memorial, or vigil lights. Also great for emergency blackouts.

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