No Place Like Home

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A spellbinding tale that leads us to ponder the meaning of love and family—and reconsider the stigmas and convention in our lives."We've got a welfare case here,"" Dr. Geiger taunted.

"A welfare case?"™ Dr. Loren echoed, bewildered.

"A child was injured, hit by a car."

"Last I checked, car accidents don't count as welfare cases."

"But this is different,""™ Dr. Geiger said. "The kid doesn't have parents. He"s living at home, and his sister is raising him." She smirked.

"She should be charged with child neglect!"

"You can't charge her with child neglect. She's a minor."

* * *

Dr. Judith Loren, top cardiologist at Brooklyn's Fairmount Hospital, is busy with high-profile surgeries and consultations around the clock. But when she encounters a terminally ill patient with a multimillion dollar legacy, Judith must decide upon the fates of three orphaned Jewish children-as well as her own destiny.

With World War II raging across Europe, Joseph Laviers makes a difficult decision that ultimately saves his daughter's life. Upon his return to claim her following the war, the dedicated father and survivor discovers the unthinkable. Will he ever be whole again?

Ruth Arieli Rapaport, popular author of Guilty as Charged, Dancing in the Rain, and the best-selling series 23 Under 1 Roof, is back with a spellbinding tale that leads us to ponder the meaning of love and family-and reconsider the stigmas and convention in our lives.

By Ruth Arieli Rapaport

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