Noah's Ark According To The Medrash

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Every single young child receiving a traditional Jewish education knows the story of Teivas Noach - Noah's Ark. Yet there is so much more to know. Every detail of the story, from the type of wood used to build the Ark to the raven and the dove that were sent to find out if the waters had receded and every part of the narrative in between. The door and the window of the Ark, the manner of gathering and bringing in the animals - all of it, it's calculated with marvelous precision and there are deep reasons and explanations for every one of these points. This book is compiled from hundreds of fascinating and in many cases, little known Midrashim and interpretations from the classic commentators, brought together into a single, flowing narrative. Even accomplished Torah scholars will find wonderful insights here and the attentive reader will find that there is hardly a line in this book that doesn't offer a new perspective on the famous events recorded in Parshas Noach.

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