Oh, Brother!

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"Guess what?" Tzipporah said to her father. "Soon I will have a new baby sister!" She pranced around the kitchen, twirling and dancing, leaping and spinning."That’s right," said her father. "Or a new baby brother.""No," said Tzipporah. "It's going to be a sister. It's time for a girl."

Tzipporah has only brothers. How she wishes for a sister who, unlike her brothers, will be neat and polite and play tea party the right way! 

Then Babby tells Tzipporah how life was like for her, growing up in a family of seven girls, and Tzipporah begins to realize that there is no such thing as a perfect family setup...only a setup that is perfect for you. 

In this adorable book, by popular children’s author Dishy Schiffman, kids will absorb the emunah that Hashem knows exactly what is best for everyone, and He custom-makes each person’s family so that it is just right for him or her.

by Dishy Schiffman

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