Olam HaAvodah

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A guide to understanding and achieving our purpose in this world

In Olam HaMiddos, thousands found a way to improve themselves and their lives.

Now, it’s time to strengthen our connection to Hashem.

• Did you ever wonder what you are doing here? Why Hashem put you in the exact place where you are? What your mission in life really is?

• Do you have any idea how great you really are?

• Do you know how you can create Olam HaBa -- in this world?

Rabbi Moshe Don Kestenbaum, an acclaimed educator, writer, and speaker, shares with us forty daily readings that show us how we -- “regular” people, with flaws and imperfections -- can achieve a wondrous closeness to Hashem.

“This sefer is a calling to the limitless greatness and holiness that lies inside of you. It is meant to kindle your spirit…”

--From the Introduction to Olam HaAvodah

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