On Their Derech

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OTD. The term drives a dagger into every parent's heart. Having a child leave the Torah path is one of the most devastating nightmares for any family. It can be so incredibly painful that we avoid dealing with it.
In her famous Binah magazine column, On Their Derech, Batya Ruddell publicly tackled this heartbreaking topic. From the depths of personal experience, Batya took the term OTD and completely turned it around. The reader response was electrifying; her column's sincerity and open discussions tore apart the stigma surrounding OTD.
Now in book form, with the addition of many deeply personal pieces from parents, teens, and educators, On Their Derech shows us what we can all learn from the OTD crisis. With sensitivity, integrity, and her trademark honesty, Batya Ruddell provides fresh insights and understanding of this difficult challenge affecting our communities today.
You will never think about the term OTD the same way again.


"This book is a journey toward healing, a journey toward compassion, a journey toward understanding. As such, it has been my privilege to contribute to it."
Rabbi Shimon Russell, LCSW, Dean of Tikva Seminary


"I am so grateful that a book like this exists. We need to continue this conversation if we ever hope to understand, with empathy and love, the challenges of the next generation."
Ruchi Koval, Associate Director of the Jewish Family Experience, speaker author, and educator


"Parents must understand that OTD behavior is one of the signs of our generation. The challenge of having OTD children is a huge spiritual rectification for the parents. These children obligate us to connect to Hashem and serve Him, in a very real way."
Rabbi Uri Zohar, world-famous speaker and author

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