Once Upon An Invention

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Ever walk around with silverware hanging from your clothes? Why not? Don’t you like to keep the latest inventions handy?

Ever receive a pair of shoelaces as a present? No? Can you really think of a better gift?

Oh, you were hoping for a tube that magically removes liquid from cups? That’s a new American gizmo called a straw. And what about a jigsaw puzzle? Or a magnifying glass? Or…

 Journey back in time to the fascinating moments when some of the things we all take for granted were first invented. Read these twenty-five exciting historical fiction stories about those inventions of long ago. Learn the facts about each invention’s humble beginnings and what became of those creations in modern times. Enjoy this fascinating read, filled with fun facts aboutthe inventions, the time periods their inventors lived in and what the Jewish connection is to us today.

M.C. Millman, author of over forty books, is back with a creative and well-researched book that entertains as it educates. You’ll never look at everyday objects the same way again.

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