One More Tale - Gadi Pollack

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More Tale is the final volume in a colorful series of parables that offer you delightful and illuminating reading, time and time again.

It is our hope that the positive insights imparted through the storylines, illustrated comics and thought-provoking morals will inspire readers of all ages to transform these ideas into action.

Gadi Pollack brings twelve of the Dubno Maggid's powerful parables to life. With skill, wisdom, and wit, he portrays the parables, using characters we all can relate to, to bring home a profound message for all of us to understand. Meet Fishel the beggar, Reb Zalman, the wealthy philanthropist, and Robert the Rogue, among others, whose simple tales transport us to a different era, and an elevated frame of mind. Each story is followed by a concise explanation of the message behind the parable which gives eminent food for thought. This beautifully crafted book makes a great gift for both young and old, and will bring pleasure--and enlightenment--to all who read it.

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