One Small Spark - Stories that change your life and change the world

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There is something about a Rabbi Yechiel Spero's stories that lights up our lives.

Sometimes it's the inspiration.

  • The Kopycznitzer Rebbe found a way to sing, and brought a spark of joy during the Holocaust.

Sometimes it's a little kindness that goes a long way.

  • The second grader was sitting all alone. Until one Zeidy saw him, and adopted a new grandson for a day.

Sometimes it's the incredible caring.

  • Half a century had passed. Now the tears of the Ponovezher Rav would finally make an impact.

And sometimes it's a story with the "wow"” factor that leave us amazed, surprised, and delighted.

  • No one, but no one, could understand the rabbi's last words. Until they discovered why he'd bought a ticket to the movies...

The stories in One Small Spark are unique and engaging. And most of all, they touch your soul and ignite a spark. And that spark will light up your life.

By Rabbi Yechiel Spero

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