Pele Yoetz - Noam Eliezer - Profound Advice for a Sucessful Jewish Life - 2 Vol. Set

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In our fastpaced and complicated world, a person often has little time to search for the urgent answers to life's most pressing questions. Due to a lack of scholarship or time, an individual is challenged by personal circumstances, an adversarial culture, and rapidly changing science and technology. Having a lucid, systematic, and authentic Torah response to these daunting issues is an asset whose value is immeasurable. This is the gift that Rabbi Eliezer Papo z"l (5546-5588), (1786-1828) gave to the Jewish people.

The Pele Yoetz is a classical moral treatise and compilation of essential Jewish concepts which Rabbi Eliezer Papo (1785-1828) organized according to topics in the order of the Hebrew alphabet.
The first entry in the book is "Ahavah" (love of G-d) and it discusses sanctifying the name of the Holy One Blessed Be He. The closing entry is "Teshuvah" (salvation) and it implores us to seek salvation not just as a nation, but also as individuals, who place their trust in an omniscient Creator. In between are many of the most fundamental principals, essential philosophical tenets, and ethical teachings of Judaism. Each entry in the book is written in a beautiful and articulate language that is accessible and inspiring to all people.
Although written almost two hundred years ago. its eternal message and sage advice speak profoundly to the core issues of today.

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