Perfection in Marriage - Career of Happiness II

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Marriage is a testRabbi Miller will show you how to pass with flying colors

Shalom Bayis is just the beginning. As you grow closer to your spouse, you should be growing closer to Hashem.

In Rabbi Avigdor Miller's Perfection in Marriage, sequel to the popular Career of Happiness, learn how to bring out the best in each other... how to create a purposeful home... and how marriage is a preparation for the World to Come...

Discover what it means to “walk in His ways” as a married person... and what Hashem expects from you as a spouse...

Rabbi Miller explains how your words create holiness at home... what simple thought makes every moment precious... and what the Mishkan teaches you about married life...

Marriage offers endless opportunities for happiness, perfection, and serving Hashem. Use them to become great.

Paperback, 150 pages

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