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The kind of mind you have
is the kind of world you have

Ohr Avigdor Hakdama Special Edition

From the Publisher’s Introduction:

The first of the acclaimed Ohr Avigdor volumes on Chovos Halevavos, the Hakdama (Introduction) was the modern reader’s first encounter with Rabbi Avigdor Miller’s revolutionary commentary on Rabbeinu Bachya’s mussar classic.

The drab title “Hakdama” sounds unfortunately like something that can be skipped — without missing out on much. After all, with only casual glance at the text of the Chovos Halevavos, the reader might mistake it for “just another list” of the mitzvos of the mind. To the contrary, this sefer is brimming with yesodos (fundamental concepts) of emunah, and Rabbi Miller’s penetrating commentary reveals in the Hakdama a guidebook to the power of the mind as a vehicle for serving Hashem.

Rabbi Miller explained that Chovos Helevavos is constructed like a house; each chapter adds a floor onto what was constructed in previous chapters. Following this metaphor, we understand the Hakdama is not merely a preface to the chapters that follow: it is the foundation upon which this fortress of thoughts and ideas will be erected.

With your thoughts, your intentions, your meditations, you transform your Torah and mitzvos into magnificent spiritual achievements. If you fail to develop them, you have undermined, sold short, your entire avodas (service of) Hashem. With this sefer as your guide, you will usher yourself into a world of endless happiness, bitachonahavas Hashem, and spiritual achievement.


Contains the complete Ohr Avigdor commentary on the Hakdama (Introduction) of Chovos Helevavos in a specially priced paperback edition (155 pages)

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