Quicksand - Lazewnik

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A NovelI was swept away on a tide of fear, desperately scanning the crowd, searching, searching, for that one dear, familiar face...For Mali Segal, the past year has been one long nightmare since her mother passed away. Just as she is beginning to find her way to calmer shores, her life shatters into a million pieces when her father announces his decision to remarry. On the work scene, Mali finds herself pitted against the FBI, accused of a crime with all the evidence pointing squarely at her. Estranged from her family, alone and adrift, Mali finds herself thrust into the eye of the storm with no way out. Will she lose everything she holds dear in the fight to preserve her mother's memory? QUICKSAND is the emotional journey through one young woman's mind as she struggles to deal with overwhelming challenges and, through a series of unexpected events, ultimately emerges victorious.

By Libby  Lazewnik

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