Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld - Bio

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The story of the hero of the Kindertransport

In Germany and Austria, many Jewish people were in danger. They needed to send their children to safer places, like England. But who would take care of them there? Who would make sure they had homes to live in and schools to attend?

Rabbi Dr. Solomon Schonfeld was a young rabbi and a principal in London, England. When he realized the danger facing German Jewry during the late 1930s, he sprang into action. He rescued hundreds of children and brought them to safety. But he didn’t just bring the children to England. He also worried about them like a father. He found them homes and enrolled them in schools and yeshivos. He became the children’s hero. This is Dr. Schonfeld’s story. It’s the story of the man who was the hero of the Kindertransport..

BY: Riki Goldstein

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