Rav Druck on the Haggadah

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An Unforgettable Seder Begins With an Unforgettable Hagggadah:

Rav Yisroel Meir Druck, son of the famed “Maggid Meisharim” of Yerushalayim and a noted Torah scholar and popular speaker, gives us a whole new level of understanding of the words of the Haggadah. His insights, firmly based on dozens of classic Torah sources, are brief, readable, and very, very intriguing.

What is the profound significance of “dipping” twice during the Seder? How do we contain each one of the “Four Sons” within us -- and what does that mean to the way we live? On the question of how Lavan hoped to destroy us, we hear from Rashi, from the Kedushas Levi, Alshich, the Gaon of Vilna, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky -- each incisive, each sharing his own fascinating and unique perspective.

Before, during, and, yes, even after the Seder, this is a haggadah to pore over, to learn from, to savor. An unforgettable haggadah, for an unforgettable Seder.

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