Rav Zvi Kushelevsky on the Torah

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A Unique, In-Depth and Inspirational Approach to the
Weekly Parshah from a World-Renowned Rosh Yeshivah

Yeshivas Heichal HaTorah is well known in the Torah world for the serious learning that takes place there; for the solid talmidim the yeshivah produces—and for the exemplary rosh yeshivah under whose leadership this bastion of Torah thrives: Rav Zvi Kushelevsky.

Rav Zvi's dedication to his talmidim is matched only by his tremendous hasmadah and commitment to growth. His chiddushim are the results of his endless toil to plumb the depths of the sugya at hand, combining profundity, rigorous analysis, and precision, often by way of sifting through various commentaries and sources.

Additionally Rav Zvi has the know-how to highlight within his Divrei Torah the tools necessary for a person to grow and succeed in life.
Learn the parshah with this leading, esteemed rosh yeshivah. Imbibe true hashkafos haTorah with Rav Zvi Kushelevsky on the Torah.

Adapted by Rabbi Daniel Fine  

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