Rebbe Nachman's Soul - Vol. 2

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Behind the extensive library of the Breslov Research Institute is a secret. Before the publication of our more than one hundred titles, including pioneering English translations of all of Rebbe Nachman’s works, there was one man and a tape recorder.

That man was Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld, zt”l, who brought the teachings of Rebbe Nachman to the English-speaking world in the mid-twentieth century. He went from synagogue to synagogue, school to school, and night class to night class in New York, inspiring young and old, beginners and scholars, Ashkenazim and Sephardim with Rebbe Nachman’s wisdom. Reel-to-reel and cassette tapes recorded for posterity the brilliant insights of a man who himself lived and breathed the tenets of Breslover Chassidut. From these tapes, the Breslov Research Institute was born and flourished, as the printed word conveyed many of Rabbi Rosenfeld’s insights to a broader, worldwide audience.

Rebbe Nachman’s Soul takes the reader back to the days when Rabbi Rosenfeld began a new series of classes on the key Breslov text, Sichos HaRan (Rebbe Nachman’s Wisdom). Speaking in upbeat, contemporary language, this master teacher probes the deeper meaning of Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, deriving practical advice and encouragement for living with faith, joy, simplicity, and reliance on the true tzaddik. Rabbi Rosenfeld’s vast Torah knowledge, humility and warmth shine through each lesson, and his rock-solid belief in Rebbe Nachman as the true tzaddik give his words the ring of truth.

This second volume of Rebbe Nachman’s Soul presents Rabbi Rosenfeld’s classes on Sichos 41 to 93. Rebbe Nachman’s original lesson is printed before each class, making this an all-in-one volume for study and review. Come “listen in,” and gain inspiration for a lifetime.

6″ x 9″ (15.24 x 22.86 cm) 
Black & White on White paper
335 pages

Table of contents

Sichah 41 ■ The Danger of Sadness
Sichah 42 ■ The Value of a Broken Heart
Sichah 43 ■ The Importance of Simchah
Sichah 44 ■ What’s in a Name?
Sichah 45 ■ A Happy Broken Heart
Sichah 46 ■ The Power of Good Thoughts
Sichah 47 ■ Don’t Let Life Slip By
Sichah 48 ■ Starting Anew
Sichah 49 ■ Accepting Suffering with Love
Sichah 50 ■ The Truth about Doctors
Sichah 51 ■ What is Important in This World
Sichah 52 ■ Hearing HaShem’s Call
Sichah 53 ■ Living with Emunah
Sichah 54 ■ Renewal without Repetition
Sichah 55 ■ How Good is Olam HaBa?
Sichah 56 ■ Fixing your Shortcomings
Sichah 57 ■ Turn Fear into Power
Sichah 58 ■ Use your Brain to Find the Truth
Sichah 59 ■ Raising Children
Sichah 60 ■ Protecting Hidden Wisdom
Sichah 61 ■ The Teshuvah of the Tzaddik
Sichah 62 ■ The Power of Concentration
Sichah 63 ■ Choosing a Path
Sichah 64 ■ The Merit of Ancestors
Sichah 65 ■ Simchah as a Cure for Suffering
Sichah 66 ■ Putting Power into Prayer
Sichah 67 ■ The Advice of the Tzaddik
Sichah 68 ■ Tefillah, Tehillim, Hisbodedus
Sichah 69 ■ Defeating HaShem in Prayer
Sichah 70 ■ The Simple Man’s Hisbodedus
Sichah 71 ■ Teshuvah Corrects Everything
Sichah 72 ■ Dealing with Distractions
Sichah 73 ■ Learning the Secrets of Torah
Sichah 74 ■ Finding Kavanah
Sichah 75 ■ Simplicity in Davening
Sichah 76 ■ How Much Torah to Learn?
Sichah 77 ■ Contending with Strife
Sichah 78 ■ The Righteousness within the Evil
Sichah 79 ■ Being Stubborn in Teshuvah
Sichah 80 ■ Avoid Bad Company
Sichah 81 ■ The Danger of Cynicism
Sichah 82 ■ Choose your Enemies
Sichah 83 ■ Know Your True Strength
Sichah 84 ■ HaShem is the Only Escape
Sichah 85 ■ Reason for Traveling
Sichah 86 ■ Wedding Customs
Sichah 87 ■ Crying for a Beautiful Esrog
Sichah 88 ■ Free Speech
Sichah 89 ■ Cleaning the Slate with Kindness
Sichah 90 ■ Prepare for Sleep
Sichah 91 ■ How to Love the Torah
Sichah 92 ■ The Time for Battle
Sichah 93 ■ Cling to the Tzaddik Emes

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