Room For One More

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A Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Chaim and Yenta are at their wits’ end - with ten children and a one-room house, they decide it’s high time to get the rabbi’s advice. "Our house is so crowded, one room’s not enough For all of our children and all of our stuff… We’ve no money for building or moving away. So what should we do, Rabbi, what do you say?"

In this humorous retelling of the well-known tale, the characters and their dilemma come alive through colorful rhymes and animated illustrations.

Room for One More is guaranteed to make parents chuckle and children laugh out loud while offering a profound life lesson. Just make sure to keep your eyes and ears open as you read - if you do, you will surely find one uninvited guest, each child’s favorite hobby, and some clever plays on words - stuff to keep readers of all ages entertained from start to finish.

by: Sheryl Prenzlau

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