Secret Summer

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A Novel

The summer started out like any other in the Raskin home. But suddenly Mr. Raskin announces a two-month business trip to Israel. And when, late one night, Nosson Raskin accidentally overhears a strange conversation between his parents, fear starts to grip him.
Then Mrs. Raskin also has to go away, and she asks an elderly aunt and uncle to stay with the children while she's gone.

Things at home get super crazy after that.
Aunt Chassi cleans the house into a frenzy as she uses up what the Raskin children are sure are their last pennies on all kinds of cleaning supplies, while Uncle Shmulik breaks more things than he fixes.
It's up to the Raskin kids to come up with a plan to savetheir family by spending a little and saving a lot.

  • What's the real reason their father is going overseas?
  • Is the Raskin family about to say goodbye to the comfortable life they know and love?
  • And above all, how are they going to survive this totally insane summer?

Join Nosson, Yehoshua, and Leora on their zany, creative shopping adventures as they attempt to budget, save cash, and keep their aunt from super shining all their CDs... right up until the unexpected ending.
Secret Summer will entertain you this summer... and all year long!

By M.C. Millman, author of Once Upon an Invention, Windfall, and 40 other popular novels.

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