Secrets of Ramoni Manor

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“Look! The curtains are waving!” Eli pointed to the attic window. “Any wind would cause those curtains to sway,” said Nechemia. Eli shook his head. “No wind today. Someone’s in there!” “Let’s go up there and catch him.”  “For your information,” Shaya added from behind, “we’re not allowed into the attic!” Eli’s face broke into a wide grin. “We’ll see about that.”

Thirteen-year-old Eli Mink leaves behind his comfortable life in suburban New Jersey  with his private basketball court and in-ground pool — to attend Yeshivah Kesser Dan in the frigid Alaskan tundra. When a mysterious shadow appears in the sixth-floor window of the historic Ramoni Manor, Eli and his friends feel compelled to investigate. What is happening in the attic, and why is it forbidden for the boys to go there?

Debut author Y.M. Hodgbi takes readers on a treacherous adventure through snow- covered Alaska — from its dense green forests to its icy lakes — as Eli endeavors to
discover the startling secrets of Ramoni Manor.

Recommended Reading Level: Grades 5-6

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