Seventy Faces: Traditional Methods for Revealing Inner Dimensions of Torah

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The Sages teach that there are seventy faces to the Torah: expressing the truth that there are multiple levels of meaning hidden beneath the surface of the text. Over the ages, various interpretive methodologies have been employed to reveal these deep and profound teachings, ranging from the literal to the mystical. These methods and the insights they yield impact every aspect of Jewish life including practical law, custom, tradition, and world-view. 

Seventy FacesTradicional Methods for Revealing Inner Dimensions of Torah is a truly unique work that brings together, in a highly organized and accessible manner, over eight hundred fascinating explanations based on seventy different textual methodologies developed and used by the Sages, Rabbis, and Jewish mystics for thousands of years.

Not only will the reader be drawn into the captivating inner dimensions of the Torah, but they will also gain important skills and inspiration to unearth new insight and meaning while finding their own unique face in Torah. 


I found it informative, interesting, and inspiring insofar that one gains an insight as to the infinite Divine wisdom contained in Torah. The general categories themselves are important to understand as a tool to Torah study and the myriad examples convey in themselves important Torah ideas. — Rabbi Zev Leff

Author: Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman

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