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Back and Better Than Ever: All New Exercise DVD by Shape Fitness


How do you follow up two back to back homeruns, when you have already released a pair of hugely popular exercise DVDs for Jewish women and girls, offering four separate workouts in the privacy of your own home?


The answer is simple. You put together a third DVD, with all new exercises, instructors, music and an unprecedented, bonus pre-natal DVD to allow even expectant mothers to take part in a safe and healthy fitness routine.


Introducing Shape Fitness Kosher Workouts, Volume II, the latest offering from Tanya Rosen and Abby Hessney. 


“People were saying that they loved our videos but they wanted something new,” explained Tanya, a certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, nutritionist and mother of four.


Shape II follows the format of its predecessors, consisting of 20 minute exercise segments, each of which includes both a warm up and a cool down. With a choice of Pilates, Boot Camp, All in One and Zumba, Shape II requires no equipment and is a winning combination of physical fitness and tznius for women and girls at all levels. 

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