Shemot Hatzaddikim - Names of the Tzaddikim

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Rebbe Nachman once advised his foremost disciple, Reb Noson, to collect the names of the Tzaddikim and to recite them. Recitation of their names, he taught, arouses their merit to bring about changes in the Act of Creation, “thereby altering Nature, for the good.”

This book contains all the names of the Tzaddikim mentioned in all the books of the Bible, as well as all the sages of the Talmud, down through the centuries to our current era. Stating that the merit of the tzaddikim stands to the credit of those who remember them, that their requests for matters, both spiritual and material, be answered, Reb Noson writes in his closing prayer: “And let the light of wisdom and knowledge be opened within us, that we may learn, teach and keep all the words of the Torah they have taught us.”

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