Shloimie's Letter

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Shloimie Paporovich enjoys a lot of things:  collecting stamps, playing baseball, and spending time with his best friend Hershel. But when faced with a whole series of unexpected events, will Shloimie find the strength to do what’s difficult? When things look bleak, will he accept that whatever happens is truly good?

Set in Toronto, Canada just after WWII, Shloimie’s Letter brings the post war experience to life, making Jewish history fun to read! The large, clear letters, memorable characters, and positive middos and mitzvos are perfect for independent readers grades 2-4!


About the Fun-to-Read Series:

Once children can read on their own, they need short chapter books that have bright, clear letters, well-placed illustrations, and lot of excitement! Fun-to-Read Books are packed with historical adventure, humor, and all the positive midos and mitzvos that discriminating parents and teachers have come to expect from Hachai Publishing.

By: Freidele Galya Soban Biniashvili, illustrated by Michael Biniashvili

ISBN: 9781945560477 / LCCN: 20209490044

Softcover 162 pages / Ages 7-10

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